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March 8, 2020 | 100%

Week 10 is here everyone! We finally completed our final car commercial for our Mill Collaboration. It was a very intensive learning experience. but it has easily become one of my favorite projects to work on. This project really started to come together as the weeks went by and seeing how far Team Ocelot has come since the beginning of our journey makes me very happy and excited.

This week we just had to fix a few things in each shot. Personally I was in charge of re-rendering shots that had inconsistencies and helping problem solve little issues when it came to some lighting and compositing things.

Here is our final video...

Final Critiques

Overall, I believe that our project was fairly successful for the time that we had and considering all the speed bumps we encountered along the way. If we had another 10 weeks to make our project more efficient and improve the overall quality of this project, I would've liked to change our pipeline. I think rendering out in Arnold Maya using the VDB caches for the portal FX would've made the project more cohesive and help drive lighting better especially in shots 2 and 3. I understand that this process would've taken twice as long, but I believe that it would be more successful.

Learning to really manage the project and the pipeline helped me understand the in's and out's of the pipeline as a whole. I learned what files work with each other across various software, how to problem solve layer/AOV issues, understanding technical compositing tricks, and most especially working on a team and making sure everyone is happy and gets their assets ready for handoffs.


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