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February 21, 2020 | Car Look Development Update

After our last check in, my team and I thought that our car paint needed more work. I got feedback concerning the look of our car and that I should look more "metallic". I really admired what Team Area 51 did with their car paint shader, so I tried to apply their method to our car to see if it would help solve our problem.

Sarah Van Alstyne used ramps connected to the base color and specular color of the car paint shader. This helped create a "duo chrome" look to their car when light would reflect light. Here is her blog and the process she created to do that:

For our Ferrari, I did something similar but adjusted the shader to be more yellow/orange in it's specularity. In my previous research, I found that the Red Ferrari 458 Italia reflects a yellow tint and I tried to mimic that in our shader.

Shading Network:

Ramp Attributes:

Updated Turntable:

Here is my newest turntable render of the car in our lookdev scene...

Final Thoughts

This method really helped create more variation in the color of the car and even gave it more dimension. I think that it helped make the car look more "metallic" as well (without putting metalness in the shader). Shoutout to Sarah and Area 51 for finding a simple, yet effective way to achieve this.

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