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February 7, 2020 | Improved Reflections

One of the things that I've been actively working on is getting the reflections right on the theater for shot 2 and 3. After getting the camera readjusted with our shot, I had to fix the original windows and mirrors I modeled a few weeks ago.

Shot 2 - Reflections Update

I extended the reach of the windows, glass, and the mirrors at the top to the end of the building. Here is a wireframe screenshot of the locations of each.

After re-watching my references for the reflections, I noticed that some misalignment on the reflections so I closely watched the reference to match the angle at which the windows reflected the car.

Here is the general match I found while doing the realignment. This is also a quick render of the chrome shader that I applied on the windows. Once again, compositing the Specular In-Direct AOV of the windows/glass to the actual background plate will make it appear like the car's reflection on the theater.

Shot 3 - Reflections

We took some reference photos with my car when we did our background plate shoot the first week. This helped me find any reflections in the theater when the Ferrari is in it's ending pose.

Here is the wireframe of the models I made for shot 3's theater.

I assigned the same chrome shaders to these windows like shot 2 to grab any reflections. Here are some test renders of the car and the theater windows.

Final Thoughts

I will have an update on what these look like in context after I incorporate them into the render scene for lighting and eventually hand the renders off to Diana to have them composited.


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