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February 5, 2020 | Focal Length: Part 2

Playblast Tests Part 2

Trying to figure out the camera focal length and correct positioning of this shot has been quite a struggle. I spent another day to attempt different focal lengths and adjust the cameras a little bit more. After discussing is with my team members, my professors, and taking into consideration of our mentors, I tested two more focal lengths in addition to my last post: 45mm and 47mm. They are very similar to each other but, we all came to a conclusion that 47mm is the best focal length for our shot. Below are playblast tests of our original focal length (40mm), 47mm, and 50mm.

47 mm

Here is the comparison of our reference with our car.

Final Thoughts

I think there are other external factors that should be taken into account for the camera error. When I went back to the theater to examine the road, I found that it slopes down towards the theater. It also slopped upwards a little bit like a little hill. Therefore, we could not get an exact perspective match considering the positioning of the car and our camera versus our reference.


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