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February 3, 2020 | Focal Length

Focal Length Test Playblasts

After rendering out our animation and doing a rough integration of it on our plates and with our portal, we got some feed back that our car looks extremely small. Something has to be wrong with the perspective of the camera, possibly the focal length. Originally the focal length of the camera we shot with was 40mm, and after I matched the perspective, it still felt off. Therefore, I did some tests with different focal lengths of the camera to see if that could solve the issue. Below is a compilation of the different camera focal lengths and the car animation.

I screen captured two stills of a car passing by from our extra footage when shooting a few weeks ago. There's a picture of the car at two different positions on the street and I used them as my image plane when comparing the animation. This really helped to see the size of the car in relation to an actual car in the scene. Below are are some screen captures of each focal length that I tested.




Final Thoughts

After looking at these different focal lengths, I personally believe that the 50 mm focal length looks the most correct in size and perspective.


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