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February 2, 2020 | Progressive Previs

Team Ocelot has been working very hard on having our progressive previs. This week we accomplished many things and here is a culmination of the work we have thus far.

Shot List Descriptions

Shot 0 - Car begins in the dark, lightning strikes car, and car's engine starts and headlights turn on.

Shot 1 - Car begins static and starts to race down light tunnel.

Shot 2- Portal starts to manifest and car emerges from the portal down the street of Savannah.

Shot 3 - Car continues out of the portal and into the street, makes a sharp turn around the corner and comes to a stop.

Self Critique

Now that I have gotten to see our car almost fully integrated into our scenes, there are many things that I would like to fix for our next iteration. I would like to work on making the car stand out more by adjusting the color of the red paint shader. I will probably work on making that brighter and more saturated. Also, I want to adjust the headlights on the car as well to make it look less of a "spotlight". Now that we have the portal just about developed, I can start officially lighting the car in correlation to the portal lights. In doing so, I also need to keep in mind the reflections on the theater and how that portal lights will affect it. Creating the pipeline workflow for our project has also deemed a challenge for our team. I really want to make sure that we are all on the same page as a team in order to get our shots out to render. These are the things I will be working on this coming week.


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