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February 10, 2020 | Look Development Improvements

Car Paint

Our Ferrari's car paint shader really needed some adjustments after doing more research and finding more references. I worked on making the car look as close to our references as possible.


The link below is a reference Yanni found that shows how a polished Red Ferrari 458 Italia car paint should look like. Here are a few screenshots of those photos from that site.

Test Renders of improved Car Paint Shader

We realized that in sunlight, the car paint reflects a slight yellow, so I made the specular color a more yellow tint. I also adjusted the IQR a little bit to match. In this scene, I added a directional lights just to mimic the sunlight like the references.

Car Headlights

Another thing that I noticed this week were our headlights. I found more references and realized that they also need to be adjusted.


Here are more references on headlights that I found.

Test Renders for Headlights

In the new look development of our Ferrari, I mimicked the headlights by adjusting the color of the big LED lights to a more yellow tint. I also adjusted intensity of the point light that I placed in front of that to imitate the glow of the headlights. Furthermore, I separated the small LED lights on the sides to only the outer sides of the car headlights. Here are my test renders with me trying to match the angle of the references.

Final Thoughts

I think that the current car paint and headlights that I have developed this week are more accurate to the real look of the car. This really helped with the overall look of the shots as well because the car stands out and reflects light better.


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