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Here are a few of my past Visual Effects work. Some are just for fun and some are collaborative projects that I have worked on.



This is the work that I did for the short CG Project called SPACE SQUAD. I worked on a team of three creating a narrative about spaceships coming to life in a museum. Here are the snippets of the shots that I was fully responsible for. 

OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE | Visual Effects Short Film

Our House is on Fire is a live action and 3D hybrid student film. The project's goal was to bring light to the harmful and nearly irreversible impact of the world leader’s and corporation’s selfish actions. 


SWIRLS | Houdini Study

I created a Phyllotaxis Pattern that is animated, lit, and rendered in Houdini. This Houdini study helped me understand some different nodes available in Houdini. I also got to test materials and lighting in Houdini Mantra.

NEXT | Visual Effects Short Film


This is the breakdown of the work I've done for the film NEXT. In collaboration with other VFX artists, we created a short film with a focus on FX integration. I was responsible for all the portal FX, cinematography, and SFX. I also did the editing and production management for this film. 


MOOD MATCH | Lighting Study

Match to Life is a project that challenged me do a light study and recreate a scene from a movie, change the mood using lighting, and then put it into motion. This project was modeled and lit in reference to the movie Hugo (2011). 

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