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Maya | Arnold | Nuke

About the Project:

Match to Life is a project that challenged me do a light study and recreate a scene from a movie, change the mood using lighting, and then put it into motion. This project was modeled and lit in reference to the movie Hugo (2011). 

My Contributions:​​

I am responsible for all aspects of this project.

Telephone, some books, and table models are from



For this project, I was tasked to match the camera angle and depth of field as the reference image I had. I then modeled the entire scene as accurately as possible to the reference. After, I lit the scene and composited the scene to match the colors and mood. I doing so, a lot of my color matching was done in Nuke. 

Per Light AOVs were something that I utilized in this project. I assigned AOVs to each light so that I could manually adjust them in Nuke if I needed to. This made rendering much cheaper and made changing the mood of the scene even more customizable. To the right shows my Nuke script that utilized those AOVs. 

In order to model the scene, I placed my image into Photoshop to get the perspective lines of the scene. I also made a color palette to match the colors correctly. This helped when I was doing the look development of the assets in the scene.


Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed making this project for the reason of using Nuke more. I think I really started to understand the power of Nuke and using AOVs to manipulate an image. This lighting study helped me grasp the idea of how light can affect the overall mood of the scene or a film. 

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