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Maya | Arnold | Nuke

About the Project:

Match to Life is a project that challenged me do a light study and recreate a scene from a movie, change the mood using lighting, and then put it into motion. This project was modeled and lit in reference to the movie Hugo (2011). 

My Contributions:​​

I am responsible for all aspects of this project.

Telephone, some books, and table models are from



For this project, my main objective was to match the camera angle and depth of field to the reference image provided. I meticulously modeled the entire scene, striving for accuracy and fidelity to the reference. Once the modeling was complete, I proceeded to light the scene and composite it, ensuring the colors and mood aligned with the desired outcome. Notably, a significant portion of my color matching work was carried out in Nuke.

To enhance flexibility and control during the rendering process, I leveraged Per Light AOVs. By assigning AOVs to each individual light, I gained the ability to manually adjust them in Nuke when necessary. This approach not only optimized rendering efficiency but also facilitated effortless customization of the scene's overall mood. An example of how I utilized these AOVs can be observed in the Nuke script displayed on the right.

To accurately model the scene, I imported the reference image into Photoshop, enabling me to extract the perspective lines and establish a solid foundation. Additionally, I created a color palette to ensure accurate color matching throughout the scene. This proved particularly valuable during the look development phase of the assets within the scene.


Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed making this project for the reason of using Nuke more. I think I really started to understand the power of Nuke and using AOVs to manipulate an image. This lighting study helped me grasp the idea of how light can affect the overall mood of the scene or a film. 

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