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Hello There!


Now that you've gotten to see the kind of artist I am, I would like to introduce you to the kind of person I am. When I'm not making art, cuddling with my dogs, watching Spongebob  or Star Wars, I love to spend time with my friends and family. We like to go on nature hikes, sing our hearts out to our favorite musicals, and dress up and have mini photoshoots. But, I think our favorite thing to do is spend a day or two at Disneyland. 


One thing that I enjoy doing for other people is to bake. Thanks to my mom, I spent my entire life eating delicious food. She inspired me to learn how to bake and use my creativity to create both delicious and beautiful food. I especially appreciate learning how to make traditional Filipino foods using my family's special recipes. Although, my favorite part about making food is eating it when it's done.

Furthermore, I come from a background that celebrates culture everyday. I highly enjoy finding new experiences by traveling to different countries, taking on new adventures, and finding more opportunities to educate myself. I am beyond blessed to have been able to travel around 7 different countries, and I am excited to visit many more in my lifetime. 


I believe the most inspiring people in my life are my family. Growing up, I was always surrounded by people who expected me to follow the stereotypical path of perusing a medical career. Although I had the potential to, I always favored art and fostering my creativity. My parents knew that and they never failed to encourage me to follow my passion for art, especially after graduating high school. My older siblings also helped cultivate my love for art by supporting me in all that I do and pushing me to strive further. I cannot thank my family enough for molding me into the artist and person I am. 

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