• Elizabeth Delos Reyes

Week 9 | Shot 31 Explosion

This week I got to start working on lighting the FX in shot 31 in sequence 4. Our FX artist, Jude Kuhn, re-simulated and re-cached his FX for the explosion shot in seqeunce 4. After painstaking days of transfering the files, I finally got to start on the lighting.

Below is a screenshot of the viewport of the FX caches with my environment lights.

This is the website of Jude Kuhn: https://judekuhn.com/

In order to light this shot in the most efficient way, I was directed to use the playblasts of the FX shot to time the explosion just right with my lights. Therefore, I took the latest playblast into Nuke to go frame by frame where the lightning goes off and fades out.

I found that at frame 50 the explosion begins and at at frame 56 is the brightest part of the frame. Explosions are typically very bright and over exposed, so I tried to recreate that. Unfortunately, because the FX are super heavy in the scene I have to sort of guess where to light and how bright. For this first pass through working with this scene, I positioned the light where it needs to be and key framed the intesity and exposure at the appropriate times according to the lastest animatic. In order to see what this will look like on the building itself, I plan to take my explosion lights into a file without the FX and test out the "flash" and render that out.

I will continue to stay in contact with Kierstin and Kush about the direction of the lighting and working with the FX. They informed me to use the playblast and keyframe method that I mentioned above, so we will test the efficiency of that before we kick off the render to the farm with the explosion light.