• Elizabeth Delos Reyes

Week 8 | Sequence 4 Shot 31

Updated: May 13, 2020

I have been put on a new shot within the same scene that I have been lighting for Ole. Sequence 4, Shot 31 is the shot where the grenade goes off and explodes in front of the Foundry. I was informed to wait a little bit for Jude and Kush to make sure the shot is up-to-date in order for me to light efficiently. When I went back into the shot, the old textures were still on the Foundry and that's one of the things that needs to be replaced since Kiersten updated them in Sequence 2.

To get the ball rolling, I put all my approved lights into the shot and replaced the old ones that were there. Above is the test render with the current lights, but the old textures.

Re-pathing the textures

I worked on re-pathing all the broken textures in this scene. I copied over all the correct textures from Sequence 2 and placed them in Sequence 4. I had to individually re-path the textures and reconnect them all to the correct geo.

Here I have completed connecting all the textures to their respective assets.

Here is a test render of the destruction FX in this scene with the new lights and updated textures.

Week 8 Update

I am currently updating the scene with the grenade. I finally found it in the collab space!

I worked on importing it into the scene, applying the textures and materials...

Here is a test render with the grenade inside the scene.

I think I found some issues with the FX caches as I scrub through the sequence. Not all the object have cache files such as the wall, the posts and the beams, OR the wall somehow disappears from the scene. This is something I will bring up to Jude and Kush as we move forward.