• Elizabeth Delos Reyes

Week 7 | New Car

Updated: May 4, 2020

New Car Paint

Andrew H. worked on the new car paint and made it blue instead of black! I got it implemented into the scene and got to test it with some lighting that I had for the original car. I increased the exposure of these lights as well, so that the car isn't too lost.

Although when I was doing some tests, the only light affect the exterior of the car was the skydome. I placed to lights (red and blue) on the respective sides and it was only affecting the inside of the car. This is something that I will bring up with my leads as we move forward.

Week 7 Update

Now that we have the new car, I started getting more specific with the lighting in this shot. I tried to troubleshoot the red and blue light issue that I was having before. I moved the lights more like back lighting for the car to get the rim and make the lights make more sense. I also changed the skydome light affect the car to something that makes more sense in the scene.

Here is a test render for shot 6 of the car...

I got the approval from Keirsten and Kush for this lighting and so I continued to implement them into the final render file we were all putting together. I made sure to add all the correct render nodes and added the atmosphere render node as well. I did the final light linking and also helped Micaa do the same.

As for right now, our leads put us on hold because there's been some technicalities with the car regarding the lighting inside the car. I am just waiting on any word regarding that situation before moving forward with any other lighting.