• Elizabeth Delos Reyes

Week 4 | Lighting Seq 2 cont.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Adjusting the Lighting

After my review on FTrack for the shot 6 render test I did with my lighting, I got feed back to push the contrast even more by increasing the saturation of the lights and achieve a deeper blue for screen left. I was advised that this would help brighten the scene up before comp.

After taking my critique, I applied those suggestions and test rendered this scene...

I am currently having network issues with the remote log-ins (it keeps logging me out every 5 minutes) but I will be trying to upload this scene with the matador, car, and environment this weekend and test the comp together.

Adjusting the Lighting pt 2

Over the weekend I worked more on adjusting the lighting in Houdini to fit the critique that I was given. They wanted ta more contrast-y look and so I lowered the fill light (skydome) of the overall scene. Yes, it goes darker, but the scenes does take place in the evening. The remote log-ins were giving me problems all weekend and I was only really able to save some renders of the environment layer and the car layer. The character has his own lighting, so I chose to leave that render out for now. Also, the renderfarm was giving me some issues as well... and I'm still trying troubleshoot those them. Whenever I can resolve those, I will post a render with some character movement.

After another day of critique, we thought that the lighting was starting to get a little too dark therefore we brought the fill back into the scene ever so slightly to brighten it up a bit. Also, I took some suggestions from my lead to use a different skydome light on the car and light link the rest of the environment out so that it doesn't get lost in the scene. This was my result with the render tests and a quick comp...

When I brought the layers into Nuke, this was the quick script that I threw together to adjust the colors and lighting a bit.

I used a color correct to bring up the red in the car layer to make it warmer to match the scene's color temperature.

I used a grade to lift the gain on the environment layer to make it less dark and add a little more fill than I already did in Houdini.

Week 4.5 Update

I got the approval from Kiersten on the environment lighting for this scene and I was able to pass it on to Micaa for character lighting. The next thing I was set to do was setting up the lights for atmosphere/volumetrics. I created two Arnold spotlights and set them where the foundry door is and above the car and the matador.

I set up the atmosphere in the SHOP network and adjusted the ROP nodes so that everything is forced matted out of the render so that the atmosphere can be composited in and adjusted in Nuke if needed. I also added a noise node connected to the density to create some variation in the clouds.

Here is the test render that I pulled from Houdini for the atmosphere.

Here is the atmosphere layer test composited into the scene (without the character). I added a grade node in Nuke to adjust the gain on the atmosphere if needed. I do, however want to animate the atmosphere ever so slightly so that when the shot renders, the fog moves very slightly, making it more dynamic.

The render below is with some color correction...

Looking to Next Week

My next step is to grab the cameras for the rest of the film's shots and do render tests with the lighting once it is approved.