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  • Elizabeth Delos Reyes

January 29, 2020 | Color in Context

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Since our last critique we addressed many issues with the different shots we have and if the colors were working or not. So, I did some color in context test renders of our car with a different color car paint shader in every shot in our project. Here is a compilation of the new colors on our car. We still need to discuss this as a team whether or not we are going to change the color of our car or not, but these tests should really help us out. I am responsible for rendering all of these tests and making this video.

The second thing I did this week was create a light rig in Houdini for Arnold. Our FX team was told to start look development on their FX and so, I created a rig to match the one we had in Maya. It contains the same HDR and the 4 different shader balls: grey clay, chrome, white and black plastic.

Looking Forward

This weekend I will be working on getting near to final lighting for shots 2 and 3, as well as exporting animation and cameras for our FX team. I have been doing a lot of pipeline work and making sure everything is working across all software. Making sure that everyone gets what they need from Maya to Houdini (such as ASS files, Alembic files, and any geometry) and vis versa has been challenging, but a very appreciated learning experience.

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