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  • Elizabeth Delos Reyes

February 29, 2020 | Week 7 Check-In

Updated Previsualization

There's been a lot of progress made for Team Ocelot this week! Since our meeting with our mentors from The Mill, there's been improvements that we have made to our project. Our lighting team worked on the animation of the car, lights, and headlights, the lightning/portal FX, and the compositing overall.


During the later week, our team experienced a slight hiccup. We ran into a pipeline problem from Houdini to Maya. Our FX artist believed that it was more efficient and better to render our Portal in Houdini Mantra instead of importing the VDBs into Maya and rendering out from there. Therefore, our team got pushed back ever so slightly and we only got our temporary portal for shot 2 rendered. We resolved our pipeline issue by compromising on having the portal rendered out from Mantra with holdouts and all the AOV's we need to composite the lighting and reflections of the portal from the portal. For week 8, we will see if this process holds up.


Even though our team hit some speed bumps this past week, we didn't stop delivering improvements on our project. I feel as though we are still heading in the right direction and each challenge we face is really beneficial to our learning process. Next week, I plan to work more on the transitions from shot to shot, quality render tests and optimization, and further adjusting the look development on the car.

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