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  • Elizabeth Delos Reyes

February 29, 2020 | Cheating the Headlights

One of the biggest hurdles our team has faced since the beginning was getting the glass of the headlights to reflect in the tunnel. Although it was a minor detail, we thought that it was something very important to include. All of us tried to look dev the headlights and for some reason, it would not reflect anything. Using Thin Film, Coat, or even experimenting with ramps in the transmission did not make any difference.

What I did to mimic the headlight reflections was to assign a chrome shader to only the headlight glass and I turned off Primary Visibility on everything else in the scene.

I duplicated a set of area lights from the tunnel and positioned them to a place where it would reflect off the headlight glass.

Here is what the render looks like composited into the scene for shot 0...

Final Thoughts

I'm not entirely sure if I like the outcome of this technique. It looks a little out of place, but it also kinda works to mimic that reflection. I will keep problem solving this issue.

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