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  • Elizabeth Delos Reyes

February 26, 2020 | Week 8 Previs

During our last check in, we were really delighted to have the whole team of Mill Mentors back together to give us critique on our work. Here is a quick update on our project as of Week 8.


Some of the biggest critiques that we got was about our portal. Therefore, this week our first priority is to refine our portal and get it integrated correctly into shot 2 and 3. Our FX artists have been actively working on getting that done and also implementing the leaf FX into those shots as well. Our mentors suggested that we render with motion blur across all our shots, added z-depth to create a focus on our car, and fix a few things when it comes to shot transitions and narrative cohesion.

Self Critique

The biggest critique I have for myself would be to time manage better and do better in making sure that all the elements of our project come through to the final edit. I want to take better action in ensuring that all the little details of our project are not forgotten.

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