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  • Elizabeth Delos Reyes

February 20, 2020 | Keep it at the Origin

A constant issue our team has been having was correctly lining up the environment from Maya into Houdini. Consequently, we faced problems when it came to rendering and compositing. Therefore, when I cached out the alembics this week, I exported all the elements (car, windows, ground plane) in once alembic that our FX artists can then import into Houdini and have everything properly aligned.

The Process

In order to do this, I remade the ground plane with the lift of the curb and put X Y Z planes at the origin of the scene. When imported into Houdini, we can make sure these planes are sitting right at the origin and then the portal/FX can line up correctly in the scene as it does in Maya. This process was done for both shot 2 and 3. Here are screenshots of the geometry in the viewport and where the origin planes were placed.

Final Thoughts

After talking to our FX artists, this deemed to be working more efficiently for their FX tests and for rendering. We will test this method in this week's newest previs and see if it holds up.

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