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  • Elizabeth Delos Reyes

February 11, 2020 | Midterm Check-In

Update Previsualization

This week Team Ocelot has worked extremely hard to get an updated previs of our project so far. We've improved many things from textures to lighting, from look development to FX. We're really excited to meet with our mentors from The Mill on Wednesday to discuss our process, get feedback, and develop our project further as we near the last half of the quarter.

Here's what our previs looks like so far.

Self Critique

After reviewing our project as a team, we've come to realize a lot of things that need to improved upon. For our next pass on our project, we will be working on incorporating better transitions between shots in order to make our story more clean and cohesive. Personally, I need to refine the headlights a more for shots 2 and 3, maintain consistency between shots, fix AOV passes, and have more interesting lighting in shots 2 and 3.

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