• Elizabeth Delos Reyes

Week 2 | Working Remote and Render Tests

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

As of last week, we got word that we were allowed to work remotely from our home computers to the computers at school, which in turn made everything so much easier on my end. So, thank you for that. This weekend I worked on setting up that process for myself and making sure my home computer still worked using this technique instead of working locally. Luckily, I had no issues for that and things were working well remotely.

Render Tests for Matte Painting

Chris and Elyssa were in contact with me about what the current scene's lighting looks like. I provided Elyssa with the latest renders that I tested out with and without the new car so that she could get an idea in order to start on the matte paintings for that scene. These were the latest renders...

Test with the newest car:

Test with the old car:

Whenever I can make sure that the files are set up correctly for rendering this scene, then I am going to get Elyssa renders of each camera so that she can keep working on her matte paintings.

Sequence 2 - Render Testing Issues

This weekend I was in contact with Kush, Keirsten and Micaa about cleaning up and setting up the files for the exterior shots I've been lighting. As of last night, Kush was able to fix the files for sequence 2 in the collab space. After opening up that file, I've come to find that all the lights and the SHOP network that I had set up were pathed correctly. The only thing that I had to technically fix was the file paths to the newest car model in this scene. Below is a screenshot through the perspective of camera 7 that was set up so far.

For the most part, everything seemed to be working fine until I attempted to render locally, again. Houdini did seem to be processing everything and starting a render, but after a while, nothing was actually rendering. I was receiving some warnings in the terminal box below, and I'm not entirely sure if that is an issue on my end or not. I will be looking into it this week.


From our last conversation, Keirsten was working on fixing the weird textures on the exterior of the factory for that scene in order to make it look better than it was. I am currently just waiting for her newest textures on that scene to check my lighting and doing some tests. I am very excited to see the new textures and how much this scene will be improved.

Week 2.5 Update


Some notes that I was given regarding the last lighting set up that I had was to tweak a little bit of the current lights to create more contrast and shadows. I know that I had a lot of lights linked in this scene for the purpose of resolving the "hot spot" issues that I was getting from the look development of the objects. I believe that the new texture that Keirsten is making will help resolve these issues better. I need to go back into the scene and check which lights were linked out from which objects to ensure that they are indeed creating shadows in the scene.

I went back into the scene to check the light linker, in the meantime, and I realized that Houdini 18 wasn't showing my light linker's current settings?

I still have to check the remote log-ins with the computers at Monty if I am also having these issues or not...

Re-Testing Arnold

I have been in contact with the lighting team for the shots I have been working on and I have gotten no word yet from Micaa, Kush or Keirsten about the new project files. I know that Micaa contacted the systems office with a problem report regarding our rendering issues locally (remotely) and on the farm, for which I am also having a similar problem, and we also are waiting to hear back about that issue as well. I have been testing out arnold shaders and lights on my local computer here at home and everything seems to be rendering just fine as a simple scene. Hopefully things can get resolved soon!

Here's some tests of my machine at home and how it's rendering...


Our team got F-Track working! Very exciting. This will work well with our team's future work to show off better and do better critiques with everyone.