During the Fall of 2019, I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside mentors from Lenovo to conceptualize a product for children that would spark a greater interest in STEAM education. Through this SCADpro class, I had the honor to collaborate with User Experience Designers, Industrial Designers, Interactive Game Designers, Graphic Artists, and Animators for 10 weeks to research, design, and produce a prototype of the product we created. You can learn more about SCADpro here.



Tools : 

Maya | Cinema 4D

Final Video (password: lenovo)

Final Thoughts:

Although those 10 weeks were challenging, learning to work with a group of diverse artists really taught me to collaborate with others and contribute my talents towards a cause that's bigger than just a "school project". I loved spending time getting to know more about other disciplines within my school and how important it is to work together. We also were taught to be very professional and to present to supervisors of the biggest companies in the world.