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(password: lenovo)

In the autumn of 2019, I was fortunate enough to embark on a remarkable journey working in conjunction with mentors from Lenovo. Our collective objective was to conceive a product catered specifically to children, one that would ignite their curiosity and foster a deep-rooted enthusiasm for STEAM education. This extraordinary opportunity presented itself as part of a SCADpro class.

Over the course of ten weeks, I had the privilege of collaborating with an esteemed team comprising User Experience Designers, Industrial Designers, Interactive Game Designers, Graphic Artists, and Animators. Together, we delved into extensive research, conducted meticulous design exercises, and ultimately materialized our vision by crafting a fully-functional prototype of the product we had meticulously created.

The multidisciplinary nature of our collaboration allowed for a rich exchange of ideas, fostering a creative synergy that fueled our collective efforts. It was an honor to be part of such a diverse and talented team, and the experience itself was profoundly enriching and transformative.

You can learn more about SCADpro here.




Tools : 

Maya | Cinema 4D

About the Project:


This video was created as an advertisement to showcase the product our team created. The digital media team and I were responsible for producing this video. 


My Contributions:​​

I am responsible for lighting, rendering, and compositing the AR images featured in the Process Book. For the vision video, I helped light and render the project in Cinema 4D. I am also the voice over for the video. 

The tray and blocks were modeled by the Industrial Design Team.



Recognizing the preference of our animators and motion media designers for Cinema 4D as their software of choice, I seized this opportunity to expand my skill set and delve into the realm of lighting, texturing, and rendering within Cinema 4D. Embracing this challenge, I dedicated myself to mastering the intricacies of the software.

Moreover, I assumed the responsibility of facilitating seamless communication between teams, ensuring a streamlined pipeline process between Maya and Cinema 4D. By effectively coordinating and bridging the gap between these two software packages, I aimed to optimize workflow efficiency and enhance collaboration among team members.

Through my dedication to learning and bridging software-specific workflows, I not only acquired valuable expertise in Cinema 4D but also played a pivotal role in fostering effective cross-team communication and collaboration. This experience broadened my skill set and fortified my ability to adapt to varying software environments, making me a more versatile and adept professional.

Final Thoughts:

Throughout those 10 challenging weeks, the experience of collaborating with a diverse group of artists taught me invaluable lessons about teamwork and the power of collective effort in pursuit of a shared purpose that extended beyond the confines of a mere "school project". It was truly inspiring to witness the collective talents and perspectives of individuals from different disciplines within my school converging towards a common goal.

As we embarked on this journey, we were also instilled with a strong sense of professionalism, knowing that our work would be presented to supervisors from some of the world's largest companies. This heightened level of expectation pushed us to deliver our best and hone our presentation skills, further emphasizing the importance of presenting our work with utmost professionalism and precision.

I cherished the opportunity to forge connections, broaden my understanding, and contribute my talents in a collective effort aimed at making a meaningful impact.

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